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  Translational Neuroscience and Clinics (Quarterly)

Translational Neuroscience and Clinics is an open access journal publishing articles focusing on information derived from human experimentation in order to optimise the communication between basic and clinical neuroscience. Articles deal with a wide range of topics including the physiological, medical, and preclinical aspects of the nervous system. Basic clinical studies papers are also featured. To provide complete coverage of this revolutionary field, Translational Neuroscience and Clinics will report on relevant technological advances as well as the ethical and regulatory considerations of neuroscience.

ISSN 2096-0441 (Print) ISSN 2096-0670 (Online)
CN 10-1319/R (Print) CN 11-6030/R (Online)

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Computational Visual Media (Quarterly)

Computational Visual Media is a peer-reviewed international academic journal, publishing original high-quality research papers and significant review articles on novel ideas, methods, and systems relevant to visual media.

ISSN 2096-0433(Print) ISSN 2096-0662 (Online) CN 10-1320/TP

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Friction (Quarterly)

Friction is a peer-reviewed, open access research journal sponsored by Tsinghua University. It publishes high quality, original research papers and review articles related to friction, lubrication, and wear. The Editor-in-Chief is Prof. Jianbin Luo from Tsinghua University. It plays a unique and important role in the promotion of academic exchange between China and the rest of the world in the field of tribology.

ISSN 2223-7690 (Print) ISSN 2223-7704 (Online) CN 10-1237/TH (Print)

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Tsinghua Science and Technology (Bimonthly)
International Journal on Information Science

Established in 1996, this international academic journal is published bimonthly and features contributions from all over the world. The journal presents the latest and most creative advances in computer science and other IT fields, covering such emerging topics as cloud computing, big data, and wireless sensor networks.

ISSN 1007-0214 (Print) ISSN 1878-7606 (Online) CN 11-3745/N (Print)

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Journal of Advanced Ceramics (Quarterly)

Journal of Advanced Ceramics is an international journal published under Springer Open that presents the results of theoretical and experimental studies on the processing, structure, and properties of advanced ceramics and ceramic-based composites.

ISSN 2226-4108 (Print) ISSN 2227-8508 (Online) CN 10-1154/TQ

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Avian Research (Quarterly)

Avian Research is jointly sponsored by Beijing Forestry University and China Ornithological Society and is published by Tsinghua University Press. As an open access journal, it aims to publish high-quality peer-reviewed research articles and reviews on all aspects of ornithology from all over the world (with a focus on avian research in Asia-Pacific regions) in order to encourage the exchange of ideas among international ornithologists.

ISSN 2055-6187 CN 10-1240/Q

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Journal of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences (Quarterly)

Journal of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal featuring advanced scientific research in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The goal of this journal is to establish an authoritative platform to present the results of up-to-date, high-quality scientific research into traditional Chinese medicine.

ISSN 2095-7548 CN 10-1218/R

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